Feedbackorchester / © Dario Lehner


The Feedback Orchestra, founded in 1999, is a guitar orchestra from Berlin consisting of 8 electric guitarists who play exclusively feedback on their instruments.

Rather than fixed compositions, each performance is a response to the particular location and atmosphere and is improvised correspondingly - essentially another feedback: that between location and group.

What the band has in mind is a cleansing effect on the site and, according to listeners, the music really does notably impact the atmosphere of venues.

The music of the FBO is at once still and meditative, whilst also evincing a very powerful physical presence akin to natural forces. It is a slow rolling stream of vibrations, frictions and walls of sound, in which tones and harmonies dance constantly around one other, attracting and rejecting in a magnetic alliance.

As well as its quiet moments the music can also reach a powerful volume which, owing to its soft flowing character, is still generally perceived as soothing and healing.

The orchestra is always positioned in a circle to allow for a close atmospheric contact between the players. The audience is encouraged to move freely around the circle to find their favourite spot to listen.

The FBO is a fixed group of guitarists, all of whom have been making music in Berlin bands and projects for decades. Performances under the name of the Feedbackorchester began in 1999 in the staircase of the legendary " Maria am Ostbahnhof " club. Many more followed, most often in extraordinary sites such as churches, mausoleums, cellars, old mills, water reservoirs, the famous Niederfinow boat lift, Leipzig’s battle memorial, a Stasi armoury, as well as in traditional music venues.


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