The Feedbackorchester was founded 1999 and is an guitar orchestra out of berlin. consisting of 8 electric-guitarists who exclusively play feedbacks on their instruments.

They don't play fixed compositions, rather every concert bases upon the particular location and atmosphere, and will be improvised correspondingly. basically another feedback : that between location and group.

What the band has in mind is a cleansing effect of the place, and the music really did impact the atmosphere of venues notably, listeners say.


The music of the FBO on one hand is very still and meditative, on the other it has a very powerful physical presence, which bears resemblance to natural forces. it is a slow rolling stream of vibrations, frictions and walls of sound, in which tones and harmonies consistently dance around each other, attracting and rejecting in a magnetical alliance.

Beside the quiet moments the music can also be rendered in a hefty volume, which due to its soft flowing character is still mostly perceived as pleasant and soothing.

The orchestra is always positioned in a circle, to allow for a close atmospherical contact between the players. the audience is encouraged to freely move around the circle, to find their favourite spot to listen.

The FBO now consists of a regular personell of guitarists, who are making music in berlin bands and projects for decades now. the concerts as the feedbackorchester started in 1999, in the staircase of the legendary " maria am ostbahnhof "- club. many more followed, mostly in extraordinary places like churches, cellars, old mills, water reservoirs, inside the famous ship canal lift in niederfinow, the battle monument leipzig, the 'STASI' - headquarters, or as well in traditional rock clubs.

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